ORYX Assistance

High-quality European assistance company with a handful of innovations.

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Our specialties

Exceptional service on all fronts

Having started as a roadside assistance, we’ve created 9 innovative services for our clients, successfully diversifying our products to better suit our clients.

Our sole purpose is to become a household name for any kind of assistance, and to be at our clients’ speed dial as a helping hand throughout their life.

So whether you need assistance on the road, at home or at open sea, our specialty is just what you need–uncompromising, exceptional service anytime and anywhere.

Who we are

Why ORYX assistance?

ORYX Assistance was founded in 2010 within a company with 40 years of automotive experience. Step by step, we have spread throughout European market and we haven’t stopped ever since.

We are an independent market player, with a different approach in doing business. That’s why we are a perfect business match with a problem-solving attitude and innovative approach in development and management of our service network.

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We think globally and act locally

We offer exceptional and uncompromising assistance across Europe.