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A1 Macedonia now offering additional ORYX Assistance product

A1 Macedonia, one of the leading telecom operators in North Macedonia, has expanded its product portfolio for its customers by introducing another ORYX Assistance product. A1 Macedonia customers already have the Roadside ORYX Assistance product included in their subscription packages, enabling them to drive worry-free since 2023. Additionally, all users of the Roadside ORYX Assistance product also have access to our Drive Angel app. As of April 30, 2024, A1 Macedonia has further introduced the Home ORYX Assistance product. With this expansion of cooperation, the number of ORYX Assistance products offered by A1 Macedonia to its customers has increased to three.

We’re extremely pleased to have expanded our partnership with A1 Macedonia, which began in 2023. A1 Macedonia recognized their customers’ needs for additional benefits and the high quality of services that ORYX Assistance provides. We’re confident that the newly introduced Home Assistance product will be extremely popular, as has been the case in other countries where A1 offers our products. This product will deliver great value to customers, alleviating critical situations at home, just as our Roadside Assistance lets them drive worry-free.” – said Mate Petrović, Sales Director for ORYX Assistance.

The products available to A1 Macedonia customers are:

  • Roadside ORYX Assistance: A high-quality road technical assistance service designed to provide quick and effective support in the event of a vehicle breakdown, accident, or extraordinary road situations. This product is available to A1 Macedonia clients in Macedonia, Region, and Europe packages. All products for users come with the Drive Angel travel app. Click here to find out more.
  • Home ORYX Assistance: A comprehensive home assistance product that provides protection and support to property owners and users. Home ORYX Assistance offers a complete set of services available to users in case of emergency interventions. This product is available to A1 Macedonia clients in the Standard package. Click here to find out more.

A1 Macedonia is a member of the A1 Telecom Austria Group, a leading provider of communication and digital solutions in Central and Eastern Europe, operating in seven countries and serving approximately 24 million customers. In Macedonia, A1 employs more than 1,100 staff dedicated to providing the best customer experience for more than 1,200,000 users.

ORYX Assistance is a leading Croatian and regional provider of assistance products and services. It operates in 8 countries, has its own award-winning contact center operating in four locations across three countries (Zagreb, Pula, Skopje, Ljubljana) and its own network of service providers and craftsmen who take care of more than 1.2 million memberships.