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Brakum Rent is a new partner of ORYX Assistance in Serbia

Brakum Rent, a branch of Brakum Adriatic d.o.o. from Belgrade that provides operational leasing and fleet management services, offers 3  ORYX Assistance products in its service portfolio from April 7, 2022 and thus provides additional service value to its existing and future clients. 

The agreed cooperation between ORYX Assistance and Brakum Renta will enable their clients to use 3 assistance products: 

ORYX Assistance products are available through the sales network of Brakum Adriatic doo Belgrade and Brakum Rent.  Service orders are received from 0-24h, 365 days a year, and more information can be obtained at 0800 101 003 (within Serbia) or at +381 11 321 69 27 (for abroad).