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Diners Club Macedonia partners with ORYX Assistance

ORYX Assistance Macedonia has started a new partnership with Diners Club MKD International Skopje. Striving strongly towards being the first credit card choice in Macedonia, Diners Club MKD International Skopje is introducing innovative products and services for its users in partnership with ORYX Assistance.

Through a proactive and innovative approach, ORYX Assistance products will for sure meet and exceed the demands and needs of Diners members. Starting November 28, 2022, clients and users of Diners Club MKD International Skopje can choose from the following assists from ORYX Assistance portfolio:

The Roadside product includes technical roadside assistance services in the event of a traffic accident, vehicle breakdown, careless handling or external influence in ​​North Macedonia, the Region and Europe.

The Home product includes benefits such as emergency interventions with the aim of preventing further damage to the facility and objects located in the facility, endangering health or safety, as well as inadequate stay of the user due to damage caused to the facility in North Macedonia.

The products are available to Diners Club MKD International Skopje clients holding one of 3 Diners cards containing assistance products. With this cooperation, Diners confirms that the leadership position in the market is secured only for those who take care of their customers, enabling direct benefit through the offer of their assistance products in cooperation with ORYX Assistance. By doing so, Diners remains consistent with its commitment to providing its customers with an outstanding user experience and benefits from using Diners services.

Assistance can be ordered from 0-24 hours, 365 days a year on the following Diners Assistance phones: