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Makedonski Telekom AD is a new partner of ORYX Assistance

ORYX Assistance in Macedonia has entered into a new collaboration, this time with Makedonski Telekom, the best network in Macedonia. Makedonski Telekom has launched the first commercial 5G network, thereby remaining committed to the development of its network and the latest technologies to ensure constant communication and connectivity for all users. 

 Users of Makedonski Telekom will now be able to choose from the following assistance services from the ORYX Assistance portfolio:  

  • ORYX Roadside – road assistance which includes the Drive Angel application – packages intended for the area of Macedonia, the region, and Europe.  
  • ORYX Backup Car – ORYX Assistance replacement vehicle  
  • MobiExpress – Free replacement of a broken screen or glass 

 The products are available with the purchase of products and services of Makedonski Telekom. Through this collaboration, Makedonski Telekom confirms that a leading position in the market is secured only for those who care about their customers, providing direct benefits through their assistance offerings in cooperation with ORYX Assistance. Thus, Makedonski Telekom remains dedicated to its customers, providing them with additional benefits and an excellent customer experience. 

 The products can be ordered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through ORYX Assistance phones: 0800 11 900 (within Macedonia) or +389 23 204 252 (from abroad).