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ORYX Assistance products offered by Podravska Bank

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From the collaboration of ORYX Assistance, a partnership with Podravska Banka has begun. We will provide services from as many as 6 products to our clients – Roadside Assistance, Drive Angel, Home Assistance, Backup Car, Autopass, and Medins. 

The products will be contracted through 4 packages for current accounts, and the collaboration starts today, October 5th, 2020. Service orders and more information can be obtained on the toll-free number 0800 70 72. 

In addition to offers for individuals, ORYX Assistance and Podravska Banka have expanded their collaboration to business entities. Business clients now have a choice of three new current account packages containing ORYX Assistance products: 

  • The POBA SELECT package contains the Roadside Assistance Region product, 
  • The POBA MANAGER package contains the Roadside Assistance Region + Backup Car product, 
  • The POBA EXECUTIVE package contains the Roadside Assistance + Backup Car + MobiExpress Start product.  

Orders and information can be obtained at or at 0800 70 72 (or at +385 1 6269 857 for calls from outside the Republic of Croatia).