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ORYX Assistance's products are featured in Wiener Insurance's offerings in Croatia

Wiener Insuarance oryx

Good news for Wiener Insurance clients: they now have access to “PROAuto” services for roadside assistance and vehicle transportation in case of damage or breakdown across several countries. The Drive Angel app is also included in this package, continuing the successful collaboration between ORYX Assistance and Wiener Insurance that began in 2017. For further details and service inquiries, please call 0800 08 88.

In addition to road assistance services, Wiener Insurance offers its policyholders our product Medins. Medins is a unique medical assistance product from ORYX Assistance that provides Wiener Insurance policyholders access to services not typically covered by mandatory or voluntary health insurance, aimed at enhancing life quality.

Medins assistance can be contracted separately or with supplemental health insurance policies, available in three packages: Medins BASIC, Medins STANDARD, and Medins PREMIUM. This is the first time Medins is offered as a standalone product, marking a proud milestone in our extended collaboration with Wiener Insurance. For more information, visit Wiener Insurance’s Medins assistance page or call the provided number.

For more details about existing Wiener Insurance services, users can access their web application. To learn more about Medins, visit our website.