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Partnership with Brcko-gas Insurance in Bosnia & Herzegovina


ORYX Assistance has established a partnership with Brčko-gas Insurance in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Policyholders of Brčko-gas Insurance have access to two products from ORYX Assistance: Home Assistance and Backup Car. 

Services from the Home Assistance product can be utilized by insured individuals anywhere in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in all emergency cases resulting in damage to their property, endangering their safety, or causing inadequate stay at home/apartment. 

Services from the Backup Car product can be contracted with third-party liability insurance policies and comprehensive auto insurance policies, enabling the use of a replacement vehicle during repairs at the repair shop after vehicle damage. 

More information can be obtained at the toll-free phone number 0800 800 043 the fixed phone number in Bosnia and Herzegovina is +387 33 90 10 83.