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Porsche Leasing d.o.o. Sarajevo added 3 products from ORYX Assistance portfolio


Porsche Leasing d.o.o. Sarajevo is the biggest Bosnian leasing company. It’s specialized in providing financial and operational leasing services exclusively for Volkswagen Group vehicles, represented by Porsche Bosnia and Herzegovina for the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Established in 2015, Porsche Leasing d.o.o. Sarajevo is the only company in Bosnia and Herzegovina offering vehicle leasing services exclusively.

By adding 3 products from ORYX Assistance portfolio, Roadside Assistance, Backup Car and Drive Angel, Porsche Leasing has proved to listen to their clients’ demands and preferences, and we’re happy they’ve found an equally dedicated and quality partner in ORYX.

  • Roadside ORYX Assistance is one of our most sought after products, and it comes in our Evropa package. It’s a high-quality road technical assistance service designed to provide quick and effective support in the event of a vehicle breakdown, accident, or extraordinary road situations.
  • Services from our product Backup Car ORYX Assistance can be activated in case of car insurance policy activation. Backup Car enables Porsche Leasing clients the use of a replacement vehicle in the event of any accident or damage to the vehicle by activating auto liability insurance or an appropriate auto insurance policy, free of charge.
  • All ORYX Assistance products come with our life-saving travel app, Drive Angel.

Mate Petrović, ORYX Assistance global sales director shared his excitement at the professionalism and willingness of Porsche Leasing to listen to clients’ needs:

– „As a leading Croatian and regional provider of assistance products and services, we’re very proud to have taken on a joint journey with Porsche Leasing Sarajevo. They’re a client-first company who’se actions speak louder than words. I’m positive that the peace of mind Porsche Leasing clients’ll have with ORYX Assistance products will mean the world to them.“

ORYX Assistance is operating in 8 countries via our own award-winning contact center. With a presence in four locations across three countries (Zagreb, Pula, Skopje, Ljubljana) and our own network of service providers and craftsmen, we take care of more than 1.2 million memberships.