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Silk Road Bank Macedonia includes 4 products from ORYX Assistance portfolio

As of October 12 2022, Silk Road BankAD Skopje in Macedonia includes 4 ORYX Assistance products in its portfolio of services, providing additional value to its clients, both existing and future ones. 

 The partnership between ORYX Assistance and Silk Road Bank AD Skopje provides its clients with four assists: 

  • Roadside , which includes the Drive Angel application – in packages Macedonia, Region and Europe
  • Home  – in packages Basic, Standard and Extra
  • MobiExpress – mobile phone screen repair
  • Backup Car  ORYX Assistance – a replacement vehicle within mandatory auto insurance policy

These assists are available to Silk Road Bank AD Skopje clients signed up for packages and services containing ORYX Assistance products. Find out more at  0800 22 209 (inside Macedonia) or at  +389 23 204 030 (outside Macedonia) 0-24h, 365 days a year. 

 Silk Road Bank AD Skopje was founded in 1993 as one of the first private banks in Macedonia and has been operating under the name Silk Road Bank AD Skopje since 2000. The bank operates with private and business clients, and with this move it showed care and added value to its future and existing clients.