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Three new ORYX Assistance products for Croatia Insurance clients

croatia osiguranje oryx

The existing collaboration between ORYX Assistance and Croatia Insurance has been expanded as of June 1, 2020, to include three new Roadside Assistance packages. 

ORYX Assistance will provide services within the new packages Europe, Europe Plus, and Europe Super Plus, offering roadside assistance and transport of damaged or malfunctioning vehicles in Croatia and Europe to Croatia Insurance policyholders. 

In addition to standard Roadside Assistance services, the Drive Angel app will also be available to all policyholders. An integral part of the Europe Super Plus package is the ORYX Assistance Backup Car product, which can be contracted with two coverage options (5 or 10 days). In the event of a traffic accident, the Backup Car product allows for the use of a replacement vehicle and includes vehicle pick-up and delivery to the user’s desired address. 

All information can be obtained by calling 0800 04 00.