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UniCredit Bank Serbia newest partner to ORYX Assistance

Unicredit banka ORYX

ORYX Assistance Serbia opened a new business chapter on 14.11.2022. with a new partner UniCredit Bank Serbia, completing an amazing yearlong cooperation project with MasterCard, that included three biggest banks in Serbia: UniCredit Bank Serbia, Naša AIK Banka and ProCredit Bank. 

UniCredit Bank Serbia is the leading bank in Serbia, founded in 2001, with more than 70 branches in Serbia. ORYX Assistance will sell the Roadside ORYX Assistance package Europe (together with the Drive Angel app) and the Backup Car ORYX Assistance to Mastercard World Elite Business cardholders. 

The start of cooperation is 14.11.2022. Order the service or get extra information at 0800 333 006 (within Serbia) or at +381 11 321 69 25 (outside Serbia) 24/7, 365 days a year.