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Union bank new partner of ORYX Assistance in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Union banka ORYX

Union bank is our new partner in ORYX Assistance in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As of March 10, 2023, four products from the ORYX Assistance portfolio are provided to Union banka clients: 

  1. Roadside ORYX Assistance – in packages Bosnia and Herzegovina and Region 
  2. Home ORYX Assistance 
  3. MobiExpress ORYX Assistance – in Start, Plus and Premium packages 
  4. Drive Angel ORYX Assistance 

Clients of Union Bank are using products and services from the Roadside ORYX Assistance product in the event of a traffic accident, vehicle breakdown, careless handling and external influence. Clients can choose from three packages: Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Region. 

In case of emergency interventions, clients can also use services from the Home ORYX Assistance product in case of repair and restoration of damage, which covers the services of plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, glaziers and carpenters. 

As part of the MobiExpress product, Union Bank clients use the services in the event of a broken mobile phone screen, and are allowed to get their phones picked up, taken to repair and and delivered the repaired device to a location of their choice for free. Clients can choose from three packages: Start, Plus and Premium packages. 

Orders and information about products and services can be obtained at  0800 800 54 (within Bosnia and Herzegovina) or at +387 33 901 301 (for calls outside Bosnia and Herzegovina). 

Union bank d.d. Sarajevo is the only state-owned commercial bank in Bosnia and Herzegovina, founded in 1955 under the name Jugobanka Jubbanka d.d. Sarajevo. Since 1992, it has been operating under its current name as the only majority state-owned commercial bank in BiH, whose mission is to build a development-oriented commercial bank with a wide range of quality banking services that meet the real needs of their clients.