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With Raiffeisen Leasing, benefit from services by ORYX Assistance

Raiffeisen Leasing ORYX

ORYX Assistance’s Roadside and Backup Car products will now be included with every Raiffeisen Leasing fleet management contract, and clients will also have access to the Drive Angel app. 

Raiffeisen Leasing emerges as a new competitor in fleet management services, distinguishing itself by providing high-quality service, where it uniquely combines ORYX Assistance’s Roadside, Backup Car, and Drive Angel into one package. This inclusion ensures an exceptional customer experience, offering comprehensive support in extraordinary situations. 

ORYX Assistance will offer Raiffeisen Leasing clients roadside help, fault removal, and transport of impaired vehicles within Croatia and Europe. The Backup Car product includes 10 days of a replacement vehicle in the case of traffic accidents, with delivery and pickup services for ultimate client comfort and convenience. The Drive Angel app provides emergency call services, one-click breakdown assistance, ride-sharing capabilities, andvarious alerts to enhance driving safety. 

Services and additional information are available through the toll-free number 0800 05 02.